Dundee Children’s Ministry exists to partner with families in discovering Christ, developing faith, and dedicating their lives to service. 

We are Christ centered, Bible based and family focused with a team of volunteers that teach creatively and really bring His word to life for students. We foster a fun, safe and caring environment where kids can grow in amazing ways and establish the foundation for them to follow Jesus throughout their life.



Vacation Bible School 2019: June 24th-28th

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Below is a highlight video from Vacation Bible School 2017. We can't wait for VBS 2019 & all the kids that are going to be learning about Jesus!!

Send your registration forms to Keith Holmes at kholmes@dpcomaha.org!

Faith Milestones . . .

Cradle Roll: (Age birth to 2 yrs) Upon completion of Cradle Roll (a program that provides resources to parents for in-home leadership of their children ages until their 2nd birthday, children begin their own spiritual growth journey with Faith Milestones. Faith Milestones: (Age 3-5th grade) Milestones offer children stepping stones on their Spiritual Journey closer to God through Jesus, with the support and direction of their church family as well as their living unit.

Milestones include:

Preschool & Pre-K – Children’s Picture Bibles The church provides the Bibles for families to place in their child’s hands. Together the church and family will work to help children know the nature of God and his plan for our salvation through their interaction with these Bibles.

Kindergarten – Sunday School Transition (School Year) Parents are invited to join their students as they become a part of K5 Sunday School. Meanwhile, students are partnered with an older “buddy” in large group time to help them transition from the Preschool classroom to K5 Sunday School. Over the course of the year their buddy will help them gain comfort in navigating and using their Bible and other valuable disciplines.

1st grade – Lord’s Prayer Students and parents will complete a series of classes to help children understand the Lord’s prayer and how we can use it as a model in our own prayer lives. Students will also receive a number of resources to help them grow in their prayer time with God

2nd grade – Bibles As students grow in age, ability and understanding we want to aid their growth by providing them with a new age appropriate complete Bible. Students and families are invited to attend a class filled with ideas on how to make your Bible your own and use it regularly to study and enjoy the Word of God.

3rd grade – 1st Communion Students and families are invited to attend a series of classes to learn about Holy Communion and it’s importance in our Faith Journey and the church. After completing the classes students are invited to receive their first communion.

4th-5th grade – Service Students in grades 4-5 will continue to grow in all of the previous areas of faith (Bible study, prayer, worship, Communion) they will have the opportunity to become a serving part of the Church body through various tasks, events, and responsibilities. In the spring students will be asked to share their experiences and how they have grown over the year.

Kids Own Worship . . .

Sundays 9am & 11am Children ages 3 yrs-2nd grade Where are they taking my child? Sundays at the 9 and 11 am worship services children are invited forward for a special message in church and then invited out to Kids’ Own Worship. They proceed to Room 304 (the large group room upstairs) for a time of worship just for them. At Kids’ Own Worship children are taught why we celebrate certain traditions in corporate worship and we practice these traditions together, in a child friendly environment. The children’s worship time include songs of praise, a time of greeting, repetitive prayer, offering, prayer modeling, the Lord’s Prayer, scripture reading, lesson time, lesson discussion, and wrap-up. Children also have the opportunity to serve as ushers, prayer leaders, song leaders, and scripture readers. Parents are encouraged to attend KOW with their child(ren) and we love to utilize adult volunteers in a number of ways at KOW.

Nursery . . .

Nursery is provided for all worship services at Dundee Church. Nursery is located on the sanctuary level, where experienced staff is waiting to care for your child while you worship or attend a class. The church nursery is an integral part of our children’s ministry. Our goal is to partner with parents in the spiritual and emotional growth of their children within the Church.

We strive to earn all parents’ trust and respect through providing:

  • Quick and loving response to your child’s physical needs
  • A Christ-centered environment
  • Hands on Bible teaching
  • High standards for safety and cleanliness
  • Age-appropriate playthings
  • Social development for your child
  • Smiling, well-trained caregivers

Please contact Christine Benedix, Nursery Director, for further information at 402-558-2330 ext.18 or email cbenedix@dundeepresbyterian.org

Kid's Koinonia . . .

Join us Wednesday nights for dinner, Bible study and fellowship. Dinner starts at 6pm and the program starts at 6:30pm. Join us!